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101 Rainbow Ribbons cover view sample page

New publication by Linda Colletti: 101 Rainbow Ribbons
Helping Children Understand Basic Concepts of Dying and Death

101 Rainbow Ribbons is a soft and tender story of a young child’s questions about death and grief. His Grandma answers his questions as simply and honestly as possible and shares a hopeful story that was told to her by her mother. The story itself is engaging but it also models how parents and caretakers of young children can talk about death and grief, not necessarily only after a death occurs. Resources and suggestions are also included after the story. The illustrations are captivating and have a gentle sweetness about them. Appropriate for children 3-6 but also a story enjoyed by all ages.

To order 101 Rainbow Ribbons: (single copy only)

Why Tender Tears?

The idea for Tender Tears Comfort Gifts came out of my own frustration. When a loved one dies, I so want to comfort the grieving family and friends. I want to give them something that has meaning and may be useful long after the funeral. Flowers are the standard option, but they wilt and die. Plants can become a burden for the family to care for and usually when received the family is still in a state of shock and not aware of the gift. Not finding the right expression for my condolences, I started to put together comfort boxes with specially selected items that show compassion, support and love. Receivers of the comfort boxes were deeply touched. I was encouraged to make these boxes available for all.

Thus was Tender Tears born.

I hope you find these boxes meaningful and an extension of your own caring heart.